Artists Unplugged

A microphone and a guitar! For once, our guests will not be impressing us with their cinematic visions, but with their skilful riffs and timbres. For in many a filmmaker hides a true musical soul. The line-up is opened by Nelson, who contributed the music and lyrics to Ammore e malavita; a true Cantautore with Neapolitan passion. Brent Green, the animator of painfully enchanted worlds, already impressed the audience of the first Bildrausch festival with his musical live performance. At Artists Unplugged the man behind A Brief Spark Bookended by Darkness will once again strum the guitar:: hearts beat in tin can stethoscopes and fir trees turn into chandelier lights. Even Lav Diaz will take to the musical stage of the Bildrausch piazza. The Filipino director and maker of this year’s festival trailer is thereby returning to his artistic origins: before writing and making films, he played the guitar and sang. 10 years ago, he returned to his first artistic love and formed the experimental rock band The Brockas together with his director colleagues Khavn de la Cruz and Raya Martin. At Artists Unplugged, he will perform some of the ballads from Ang panahon ng halimaw (Season of the Devil) – in the melancholy singer/songwriter style of the 1970s.


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