Special Program
  • Thu 01.06. | 16:00 Foyer Public Theater Basel
  • Fri 02.06. | 16:00 Foyer Public Theater Basel
  • Sat 03.06. | 16:00 Foyer Public Theater Basel
  • Sun 04.06. | 16:00 Foyer Public Theater Basel

Many facts are true, but some are truer: Journalists will introduce you to fact-checking and various other methods.changing climate and tells of streaming, flowing and pouring. Please bring notebook or cell phone. The workshops are hands-on.

Workshops start at Public Foyer on time at 4pm. There will be signage on site.

1. June
Sabine Knosala
Journalist Programmzeitung
How is research done at the local level? How are facts checked? How do facts become a story?

2. June
Fee Anabelle Riebeling
Head of Faktencheck- und Video-Verifikations-Taskforce
Expert 20-Minuten-Gruppe for research
Disinformation is a central problem of our time and has gained momentum not least due to major crises such as the Covid 19 pandemic or the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. In view of the flood of false claims circulating on social media in particular, the WHO has already spoken of an infodemic. We are all exposed to this - media producers as well as consumers. Accordingly, we all have to arm ourselves. The workshop will reveal how this can be done - without much effort. There are tips, tricks and tools for a quick (initial) check. And you will learn which points should make you skeptical (red flags) and which questions (*) you should always ask yourself. And: What the difference is between misinformation and disinformation.

3. June
Anna Bernasconi
Video journalist at RSI
Are people credible as a source of information? How are their statements checked for their truthfulness? What makes a well-conducted interview?
Investigation creates a new information over and above official sources. It is a key to enter the complexity of society and of the human soul. Through some case studies, the points of contact between investigative journalism, documentary and storytelling will be explored.

4. June
Conradin Zellweger
SRF investigativ
How is investigative research carried out at SRF? How can data be checked for authenticity?

Free Admission

Sabine Knosala
Free Anabelle Riebeling
Anna Bernasconi
Conradin Zellweger