Press release, June 22, 2022 

Bildrausch is opened - 
The Flying Carpet Gains Altitude 

Artistic director Susanne Guggenberger opened her first edition of Bildrausch – Filmfest Basel this evening at Stadtkino Basel, kult.kino atelier and Kaserne Basel, together with director Samuel Steinemann and Basel National Councilor Katja Christ. The opening film was the Ukrainian feature film Stop·Zemlia by Kateryna Gornostai. The director was streamed live from Kiev. Until Sunday, June 26, 30 films from five continents will be shown in the presence of numerous filmmakers.


In her opening remarks, Susanne Guggenberger called on those present to be even more attentive. “We are all challenged to question our own role, to rethink our attitudes, to open ourselves up to criticism under certain circumstances. Not to judge immediately, but first and foremost to listen, to look, to see,” said the new artistic director of the festival. “Films can literally open our eyes, sensitize us to topics that had never occupied us before, take us to foreign worlds.” Bildrausch is a flying carpet from which it is possible to see from the vastness of the Australian prairie to a mine in Burundi, from Kefalonia, to Damascus to a sand island in the Atlantic, Susanne Guggenberger continued.


Katja Christ also considered herself overjoyed, under the impression of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, “that we can all meet here at the opening of the Bildrausch Festival, watch films together and talk, laugh and cry with and about them. This is no longer a matter of course. We are setting a sign with this,” the National Councilor said. “A sign for cinema, a sign for cinema culture, a sign for all who love cinema and culture! Film creates invaluable perspectives on our past, on our present, on our future, and is thus an important historical cultural asset and mouthpiece. Without culture, without theater, without concerts, without the cinema, without film, everything remains silent; lacks art, lacks society, lacks democracy the voice.”


Until Sunday, June 26, 30 films from five continents will be shown in the presence of many filmmakers. Parts of the program are accessible to all. Discussion rounds cultivate and promote dialogue and parties invite to celebrate film. The honorary prize for visionary filmmaking will be awarded posthumously to Dutch-Peruvian filmmaker Heddy Honigmann. All festival awards will be presented on Saturday, June 25.


The entire program is online. 


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