International Program

The Plains

David Easteal

Friday *Fri *24.06.202224.06.2214:00Stadtkino Basel
Sunday Sun 26.06.202226.06.2212:00Stadtkino Basel
Sunday Sun 26.06.202226.06.2221:00Stadtkino Basel

David Easteal

Australia 2022. 180 Min.
Color. English/ DE

In presence of the director


This is an unexpected road movie; at the same time, it’s a huis-clos film whose set consists almost entirely of the inside of a car. Except for the idyllic drone glimpses of leisure time spent in the countryside that function in direct contrast. We are taken into the vehicle of Andrew, a middle-aged Melbourne lawyer, as he returns home from work over the course of a year. He sometimes gives a lift to David (the director), a work colleague. The lost time of the daily commutes, dreaded by most, receives an unlikely engaging treatment and by extension invites us to treasure the small little things in life. Not the clearly charming chirping bird you have paid no attention to, but those dull moments in disguise that can just slip by unnoticed.

As the ending of this understated epic journey nears its course, we can’t help feeling as if we are reaching the end of a book that has moved us deeply and we begin to stall the reading, savoring each page in contention so it doesn’t come to the unavoidable end. The same happens with this film; we grow strongly attached to these characters, their humanity revealed unassumingly, their worries and warmth, we share their perspective from our back seat in the car, we’ve become travel companions not an audience. So much so that we want the ride to continue.

(Susana Santos Rodrigues)


DirectorDavid Easteal
ScreenplayDavid Eastea
CinematographySimon J. Walsh
EditingDavid Eastea
MusicNick Batterham
WithAndrew Rakowski, David Easteal, Cheri LeCornu, Inga Rakowski
Sound DesignNick Batterham
SoundSteven Bond, David Easteal
ProducerDavid Easteal
World SalesPascale Ramonda

David Easteal

David Easteal (b. 1986) is a Melbourne based filmmaker. He studied law and literature at the University of Melbourne, and currently practises as a barrister at the Victorian Bar. His short films screened at various international festivals, including the New York, BFI London, Chicago, Kiev Molodist, Sofia and Singapore film festivals. He received the Award for Emerging Australian Filmmaker at the 2015 Melbourne International Film Festival. His first feature-length film, The Plains, received the Films en Cours post-production support award at Belfort International Film Festival Entrevues. The Plains premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022 as part of the Tiger Competition.