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Kateryna Gornostai

Wednesday Wed 22.06.202222.06.2220:00Stadtkino-Piazza
Wednesday Wed 22.06.202222.06.2220:00kult.kino atelier

Kateryna Gornostai

Ukraine 2021. 122 Min.
Color. Ukrainian/ DE, EN

For technical reasons only in Stadtkino with descriptive subtitles in German. Moderation will be translated into sign language. Limited number of seats! Reservation by June 15 strongly recommended.


Director Kateryna Gornostai on her film: Masha’s story has autobiographical roots. She resembles me at the age of 16. Looking back, I realize that my first experience of an innocent slow dance influenced the formation of my sexuality more profoundly than my first sexual experience itself. This inspired me to create a film, which tells about the sensual encounters of its characters at that age when existential experience is at its most vivid. I wrote the first draft of the script on the basis of a commonplace personal drama about unrequited teenage love, focusing on the “life-that-never-happens” aspect that interests me the most. To me, it was crucial to fill it with the macro-world of the characters and tactile details of their relationship. 


Stop.Zemlia emphasizes the tender and vulnerable everyday life of urban Ukrainian youth, which came to an abrupt end with the Russian war of aggression. The experiences of the youths are touching in their open directness.


The director and Pluto Film are requesting support for children with cancer in Kiev: Tabletochki

(Susanne Guggenberger)


DirectorKateryna Gornostai
ScreenplayKateryna Gornostai
CinematographyOleksandr Roshchyn
EditingKateryna Gornostai, Nikon Romanchenko
MusicMaryana Klochko
WithMaria Fedorchenko, Arsenii Markov, Yana Isaienko, Oleksandr Ivanov
Sound DesignMykhailo Zakutskyi
SoundOleh Holovoshkin
ProducersOlga Beskhmelnitsyna, Viktoria Khomenko, Vitalii Sheremetiev, Vika Khomenko
DistributionPluto Film

Kateryna Gornostai

Kateryna Gornostai is a director, writer and film editor. She was born in Lutsk, Ukraine on March 15, 1989, and is now living in Kyiv. She has studied filmmaking at Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov’s School of Documentary Film and Theatre, and started her career as a documentary filmmaker in 2012. Subsequently, she shifted to fiction films and hybrid forms. Film critics notice her style and ability to portray life without artificiality. Now, she also teaches documentary filmmaking at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’s School of Journalism.