Focus: Wound/Wonder

Republic Of Silence

Diana El Jeiroudi

Saturday Sat 25.06.202225.06.2214:00kult.kino atelier

Diana El Jeiroudi

Germany, France, Syria, Qatar, Italy 2021. 183 Min.
Color. Arabic, English, German, Kurdish/ DE

In presence of the director


The filmmaker’s voice as silent, white writing on a black screen. Words that form images and emotions in us. In addition, there’s the film material collected over 12 years. Friends and family of the filmmaker are confronted with the brutal consequences of the war under Assad in Syria. Life in exile in Berlin is seamlessly related to a fulfilled life in Damascus. In memories, there is no separation between these periods. Everything is always there. Fragments that are in conversation with each other or searching for it. The physical body writhes in restless dreams. What’s more, there are always questions to us, the spectators: Where does the black-and-white thinking come from that covers our inactivity? Where does this solidarity fatigue with Syria come from?


Republic of Silence follows non-linear traces of memories that do not seek conclusions. We follow anchor points and inklings of how filmmaker Diana El Jeiroudi copes with the loss of loved ones, her apartment, and her country. The film can be understood as an invitation to an experience in which we follow the stream of these memories and end up in the Berlin apartment again and again. A place that gives the filmmaker and her husband external peace. Their vulnerability is never hidden, never imposes itself. This love story gives support, as does the bond with friends and other filmmakers.

(Susanne Guggenberger)


DirectorDiana El Jeiroudi
ScreenplayDiana El Jeiroudi
CinematographySebastian Baeumler, Diana El Jeiroudi, Orwa Nyrabia, Guevara Namer
EditingKatja Dringenberg, Diana El Jeiroudi
Sound DesignRaphael Girardot, Nathalie Vidal
SoundPascal Capitolin, Diana El Jeiroudi
Production CompanyOrwa Nyrabia (No Nation Films GmbH), Camille Laemle (Les Films d'Ici), Diana El Jeiroudi (No Nation Films GmbH)
World SalesSalzgeber, Jürgen Pohl

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Diana El Jeiroudi


Diana El Jeiroudi holds a BA of Arts & Humanities, English Literature, from the Damascus University, and later has received professional training in international film producing and distribution at the INA/Sorbonne in France. Diana‘s films encapsulate socio-political tensions and contradictions and extend well over time. She is best known for her Dolls - A Woman from Damascus (2007) and Morning Fears, Night Chants (2012). As a producer, her filmography includes the award-winning Silvered Water - Syria Self-Portrait by O. Mohamad & W. S . Bedirxan (Cannes 2014), and The Mulberry House by Oscar-nominated Sara Ishaq (IDFA 2013). Her efforts in supporting and advancing the documentary community and culture, notably through establishing DOX BOX as Syria‘s first documentary film festival, and then as the Berlin-based documentary film support organization, have earned her various awards, including the EDN Award, The Katrin Cartlidge Award, and The Heart of Sarajevo. She is a member of the American Academy of Motion Pictures, the Deutsche Filmakademie, and the Asia-Pacific Screen Academy. She served on several committees and juries, most notably Cannes Film Festival Golden Eye Documentary Award, Sundance Documentary Program, IDFA, AFAC, and APSA Awards.