International Program

Magnetic Fields

Yorgos Goussis

Friday Fri 24.06.202224.06.2216:00kult.kino atelier
Saturday Sat 25.06.202225.06.2217:45kult.kino atelier

Yorgos Goussis

Greece 2021. 78 Min.
Color. Greek/ EN

In presence of Dimitris Polyzos


World premiere: Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2021, Swiss premiere


Oftentimes, the most beautiful and authentic stories are those that are told with narrative and formal modesty. In the case of Magnetic Fields, there’s nothing simpler than its proposed “drama”: woman meets man and set off together on a journey. Eleni, a slender professional dancer seeking to rehabilitate her career and distance herself from a stifling family life, gives a ride to a “man with a child in his eyes,” the lumbering, thick-bearded Antonis who is looking to bury a box containing the ashes of his aunt. Compelled by a mutual magnetism for one another, they snake their way through the rocky terrains of Greece’s Kefalonia island on a road-trip odyssey of (self-)discovery.


Working on a shoestring budget and semi-improvised script, Yorgos Goussis’ feature debut is a rare example of “cinematic craft,” where his background in graphic novels reveals a unique vision of narrative control. Opting to shoot on MiniDV endows the film with a rich color spectrum of washed-out contrasts, where granular pixels of visual intimacy are superseded by a loving intimacy of sound that keeps us close to their unravelling bond.


Full of genuine charm, humor and painterly expression, Magnetic Fields is a melancholic ode to human connection and proof that if one should impulsively wander off the beaten path, life will reveal itself in all its “creativity.”

(Andrei Tănăsescu)


DirectorYorgos Goussis
ScreenplayYorgos Goussis, Elena Topalidou, Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos
CinematographyYorgos Koutsaliaris
EditingDimitris Polyzos
MusicLefteris Volanis
WithElena Topalidou, Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos
Sound DesignNefeli Pantzou
SoundNefeli Pantzou
ProducersYorgos Goussis, Marinos Sklavounakis, Yorgos Karnavas
Production CompanyminiFILMS, Naked Eye Productions, Heretic
World SalesHeretic

Yorgos Goussis

Yorgis Goussis was born in 1986 in Athens and studied graphic design. He is one of the most well-known Greek comic book artists, with many best-selling graphic novels and awards. In 2019, he made his debut as a director with The Arm Wrestler, a short documentary portrait that won the Greek Film Academy's Best Greek Short Documentary award in 2020. Magnetic Fields is his debut feature film.