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Kapr Code

Lucie Králová

Sunday Sun 26.06.202226.06.2220:00Gare du Nord

Lucie Králová

Czech Republic, Slovakia 2022. 87 Min.
Color. Czech/ EN

With live-audio description and voice over of the dialogues in German


In presence of the director and editor Adam Brothánek


Jan Kapr is considered a central figure of musical modernism at the time of the Cold War. The fate of the Czech composer is thus closely linked to the history of socialism. While the progressive artist was awarded the Stalin Prize as late as 1951, his uncompromising work soon fell out of favor. The music was banned and henceforth played only abroad. 


Kapr Code is a biographical opera. Lucie Králová’s approach to Jan Kapr’s eventful, contradictory life follows a libretto based on the artist’s personal, previously unpublished archive. From music and photographs, tapes, letters, notes, and amateur films, from fragments of police reports, political writings and love letters, a piece for 17 opera singers is created. In this completely documentary staging, the creation is revealed as a political act. The director deliberately leaves the gaps in Kapr’s biography open by strictly using only Kapr’s estate. The original cinematic staging allows traces to be glimpsed of who else Kapr might have been. 

(Ursula Pfander)


DirectorLucie Králová
ScreenplayLucie Králová
CinematographyTomáš Stanek, Adam Ol’ha, Petr Příkaský, Jakub Halousek, Martin Řezníček
EditingAdam Brothánek
MusicPetra Šuško
Sound DesignRichard Müller
ProducersAndrea Shaffer, Martin Řezníček
World SalesLightdox

Lucie Králová

MgA. Lucie Kralova, Ph.D. is acclaimed Czech film director, scriptwriter and lecturer at FAMU Prague. Her docs, often produced on 16mm film, were screened at many international film festivals and received number of awards, e.g. The Ill-Fated Child (2003) and Sold (2005) were both awarded as Best Czech Documentary at Jihlava IDFF; documentary detective story, Lost Holiday (2007), distributed internationally on 35mm, received the Crystal Globe for Best Feature Doc at Karlovy Vary IFF and other prizes; Lucie also woks as dramaturgist on significant documentaries, e.g. Caught in the Ne (2020) by Klusák/Chalupová (the most successful Czech doc in cinemas ever) or Athanor: The Alchemical Furnace (2020) screened e.g. at IFF Rotterdam 2020. Recently, she has finished new documentary opera Kapr Code which was during development awarded for Best Project at Avant Premiére/Sunny Side of the Docs Pitch in Berlin 2020 and selected as WIP for Cinema du Réel Paris Doc Work in Progress 2021.