Focus: Wound/Wonder

Hot in Day, Cold at Night

Najeneun deopgo bameneun chupgo

Park Song Yeol

Thursday Thu 23.06.202223.06.2218:30kult.kino atelier

Park Song Yeol

South Korea 2022. 90 Min.
Color. 4k. Korean/ EN

In presence of the director and producer Won Hyang Ra


Like all success stories, the history of Korean cinema also contains many other stories. The independent Korean cinema that travels the world through film festivals causing admiration and respect will hardly find the same recognition in the theaters of South Korea. The difference between the powerful (commercial cinema) and the humble (independent cinema) is clearly seen in the narrative and formal forms that the director Park Song-yeol chooses. Through the perfect use of mise-en-scène and by showing us a city that is as routinary as it is far removed from tourist images, Najeneun deopgo bameneun chupgo (Hot in Day, Cold at Night) tells us of the economic hardship that a young couple is subjected to due to a lack of work, the bills that accumulate, and credit cards that stop working because they can’t be paid. In this daily struggle, which has little of the epic and much of the routine and absurd, and where social and family relationships seem to weaken until they cease to exist, the film shows us the face of a society in which certain sectors of its population begin to be left behind. (Sung Moon)


DirectorPark Song Yeol
ScreenplayPark Song Yeol, Won Hyang Ra
CinematographyParkSong Yeol, Won Hyang Ra
EditingPark Song Yeol
WithWon Hyang Ra, Park Song Yeol
ProducersPark Song Yeol, Won Hyang Ra
Production CompanySaranghaja
World SalesPark Song Yeol

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Park Song Yeol

Park Song Yeol was born in Seongnam, South Korea, In 1981. He made his short film, Night and Dreams (2013), after graduating from the Department of Film at Yongin University. The film was invited to the Jeonju International Film Festival, the Seoul Independent Film Festival, and the Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival. Park later made a feature film, Can We Just Love (2018), which deals with the daily lives of a pair of lovers. Can We Just Love was the closing film of Indieforum and won the Best Award at the Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival 2018. Hot in Day, Cold at Night is his second film.