Focus: Wound/Wonder

Geographies of Solitude

Jacquelyn Mills

Friday Fri 24.06.202224.06.2218:00Stadtkino Basel
Sunday Sun 26.06.202226.06.2219:30kult.kino atelier

Jacquelyn Mills

Canada 2022. 103 Min.
Color. Englisch/ DE

In the presence of Jacquelyn Mills


This film had its world premiere at the Berlinale Forum. It shows and tells us about the days and works of Zoe Lucas, a woman in her seventies. As an art student she had visited Sable Island (Canada), and then stayed there to dedicate herself to the investigation of the flora and fauna that inhabit that place. In particular some wild horses that roam the beautiful landscapes of the island and whose droppings are transformed not only into study material but also into material to develop the 16 mm film used by the director, Jacquelyn Mills. Both she and her protagonist love their work and dedicate themselves in an artisanal way to carrying it out. And the film conveys this to us through a special use of image and sound, in a way that is as sensory as it is beautiful, the life of two women who found what they love in their respective jobs and who seem determined to continue doing so. Although this leads them to loneliness, as the title of this film alludes to, which is usually the destiny of true artists. (Sung Moon)


DirectorJacquelyn Mills
CinematographyJacquelyn Mills, Scott Moore
EditingJacquelyn Mills, Pablo Álvarez-Mesa
MusicEmily Millard, Mark Boudreau
WithZoe Lucas
Sound DesignAndreas Mendritzki, Jacquelyn Mills
SoundAndreas Mendritzki, Jacquelyn Mills
ProducersRosalie Chicoine Perreault, Jacquelyn Mills
World SalesAcéphale

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Jacquelyn Mills

Jacquelyn Mills is a Canadian documentary filmmaker from Nova Scotia. She is most noted for her films In the Waves, which won the award for Best Documentary at the 2017 Atlantic Film Festival and was a shortlisted nominee for the Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for Best Canadian Documentary at the Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards 2017, and Geographies of Solitude, which won the award for Best Canadian Feature Documentary at the 2022 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.