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Milena Czernovsky, Lilith Kraxner

Thursday Thu 23.06.202223.06.2220:45kult.kino atelier
Saturday Sat 25.06.202225.06.2211:00kult.kino atelier

Milena Czernovsky, Lilith Kraxner

Austria 2021. 90 Min.
Color. German/ EN

In presence of director Lilith Kraxner and camera person Antonia de la Luz Kašik


In the fast-paced age we are all living in which the large majority of people feel overwhelmed and rushing through life gasping for air, Lilith Kraxner and Milena Czernovsky’s debut feature film invites us to slow down for an unusual existentialist ode to the ennui and the ordinary –  both essential tools that we use to face our many modern-day challenges and that are too often underestimated.

Allow us to introduce you to Beatrix, a young adult spending her idle summer days alone in a house that doesn’t appear to be hers. At least judging from the 1980s decor, another layer from which to interpret the film altogether. We do not learn much from her background or what brought her there. She receives the occasional visit, but is mostly left wandering around, silent, lost in thoughts that are never explicit and in trivial actions that let the film appear like a contemporary dance performance of the mundane.


Yet we understand that Beatrix is at crossroads. Or maybe we, the audience, are transcending our inner turmoil into her seemingly placid day-to-day. The non-narrative approach gives disarming access to a raw reenactment of female intimacy where the character dominates the beautifully composed 4:3 frame, captured in warm, grainy 16 mm cinematography.

(Susana Santos Rodrigues)


DirectorMilena Czernovsky, Lilith Kraxner
CinematographyAntonia de la Luz Kašik
EditingMilena Czernovsky, Lilith Kraxner
WithEva Sommer, Katharina Farnleitner, Marthe de Crouy-Chanel
SoundBenedikt Palier
ProducersMilena Czernovsky, Lilith Kraxner, Lara Bellon
World Salessixpackfilm

Milena Czernovsky, Lilith Kraxner

Milena Czernovsky, born in Austria in 1993, has been studying stage and film design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna since 2016. Her works vary between stage, installation and film.


Lilith Kraxner, born 1995 in Austria, lives and works in Vienna. After two years of education at the Friedl Kubelka School for Independent Film in Vienna, she has been studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the video and video installation class since 2018.