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El Gran Movimiento

The Great Movement

Kiro Russo

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Kiro Russo

Bolivia, France, Qatar, Switzerland 2021. 85 Min.
Color. Spanish/ EN

In presence of the director


After a long walk of several days, Elder, who some may recognize from the director’s debut feature Viejo Calavera, arrives in the capital of Bolivia with his colleagues from a mine to protest against the loss of their jobs. They decide to stay and try their luck in La Paz. The massive city is a daunting character in itself, and, unexpectedly, Elder starts feeling sick, out of breath, without strength … 

El Gran Movimiento brings forth a timely reflection on progress, economic oppression, precarity, work, and the neoliberal capitalist paradigm. It is a unique sensorial approach to the topics, blending a variety of genres and layers, shot on 16 mm, and reinvents the early 20th century urban symphony genre that tackled the industrialization era.

An inspired reinterpretation that combines ethnography, cinéma vérité, choreography, magical realism, documentary and experimental form to capture the changing urban landscape of La Paz – a city in “metamorphosis” – through the experienced lives of those who live on its margins and are rarely given a starring role despite being the backbone to the great movement.

(Susana Santos Rodrigues)


DirectorKiro Russo
CinematographyPablo Paniagua
EditingKiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua, Felipe Gálvez
WithJulio César Ticona, Max Bautista Uchasara, Francisca Arce de Aro, Israel Hurtado, Gustavo Milán Ticona
SoundMauricio Quiroga, Mercedes Tennina, Juan Pedro Razzari, Emmanuel Croset
ProducersKiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua, Alexa Rivero
World SalesBest Friend Forever

Kiro Russo

Director, producer and scriptwriter Kiro Russo was born in La Paz, Bolivia, in 1984. He studied direction at the University of Cinema in Buenos Aires. As a director and scriptwriter, he made the short films Enterprisse (2010), Juku (2012), and New Life (2015), premièring at the 68th Locarno Film Festival, received a special mention from the jury and won first prize and the Orona Award in the EIECINE category at San Sebastian Film Festival.