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* In the presence of Tim Leyendekker

Tim Leyendekker

Netherlands 2021. 84 Min.
Color. DCP. NL/e

A police officer meticulously spreads out the remaining belongingss of one of the victims of a spectacular crime, dubbed the 'HIV Murders' by the tabloid press. In 2017, young men were infected with HIV under the influence of drugs at gay sex parties in the Dutch city of Groningen. The visual artist and filmmaker Tim Leyendekker, who was born in Rotterdam in 1973, and whose six short films have enjoyed much success at international film festivals, let himself be inspired by Plato's 'Symposium' for his feature film debut. In seven vignettes, he examines the different facets of this case – just like the participants of the famous Platonic banquet honoured the effects of the god Eros in their respective speeches. Quasi-documentary witness testimonies and fictional scenes are presented alongside a scientific explanation by a microbiologist, who talks about viruses and their behaviour in tulips, and who confronts us with the 'Rashomonic' fact that there cannot be one absolute truth. Instead, this provocative film, which reflects on the questions of life, death and morality, gives us the opportunity to take a closer look at many physical and philosophical realities. (bb)


DirectorTim Leyendekker
ScreenplayTim Leyendekker
CinematographyBenito Strangio
EditingMatte Mourik, Tim Leyendekker
WithKuno Bakker, Oscar van den Boogaard, Sanne den Hartogh
ProducerMarc Thelosen
DistributionSquare Eyes, Wien,

Tim Leyendekker