The big Filmrausch-Film Quiz

Saturday Sat 19.06.202119.06.2121:15Bildrausch-Salon

Do you know Marilyn Monroe's real name, or who said that a film needs a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order? Have you counted how many times the F word was used in Pulp Fiction or are you passionately interested in who in Hollywood is doing what with whom and why? Perfect! Then you are well equipped to compete with like-minded people in our cheerful Bildrausch film quiz, which is dedicated to the wonderful world of useless film trivia. And, of course, to anyone who simply enjoys films and cinema. This is not just for nerds. We promise! You can play alone or in groups. At the end we will award some cool prizes and answer all the questions. " Of course, I should have known that!" as many of you will no doubt say. And the others will enjoy the clips, sounds, stills and ticking the correct boxes. The evening will be moderated by the actor and quiz master Mario Fuchs. With a little help from "Never Watch Alone".

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