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Driven by a desire for intense experiences in a cinema, memorable encounters and unexpected surprises, our intimate international film festival BILDRAUSCH champions the passionate exploration of today's relevant auteur cinema. Bildrausch explores the hidden corners of film history and looks into the future of the seventh art.

Cinematic experiments, media installations and musical interventions complete the multifaceted variations of film – the result is a representation of the world that is as authentic as it is artificial. Cinephile insight meets aesthetic and sensual pleasure, contemporary discourse meets modern mediation, and idiosyncratic style meets grand emotions.


In the "Cutting Edge" international competition programme, we present current cinematic trends and plead the cause of the formal and narrative avantgarde. The competition's roughly dozen handpicked films are characterised by a willingness to take narrative risks and an untamed desire for the visual. They include works from all genres and continents and are appraised by a jury of renowned film personalities, who pick the winners of the two awards. We make burning social issues visible and show the essence of cinema as film art: uncompromising, inquisitive and headstrong. Today and tomorrow.


Radical directors, vigorous movements of cinematic renewal and subversive trends of film history: to these we dedicate our Special Programmes – the platform for aesthetic enquiries, new tendencies and outstanding contemporary talents. And, finally, our "Kaleidoscope" programme captures the infinite variety of cinema and its dazzling, multifaceted and performative power. This series covers the entire spectrum of contemporary filmmaking, from popular forms to daring experiments.

Master class with Paul Schrader (2018)

The first Peter Liechti Award goes to Aya Koretzky and A volta ao mundo quando tinhas 30 anos

The supporting programme completes the essence of Bildrausch with film talks, panel discussions, readings, concerts, exhibitions and performances. It builds per-sonal bridges between the filmmakers and audience members, enhances perspectives and creates an inspiring, charming and relaxed atmosphere for you to encounter the arts.

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