Basel, June 20, 2021 

We are memories 

Basel director Marion Nyffenegger wins our new short film competition with her animation We are memories. Ruth Baettig, Cyrill Gerber and Benny Jaberg were the jurors of the selection on the theme of My First Buzz. The award comes with a Bildrausch-Ring and a prize money of CHF 500. 

"Like marionettes, we hang on the strings of our own memories. We are at their mercy: images and sounds become entangled and intertwined before unravelling again. Sometimes they grow within us like a rhizome, take us captive or liberate us with their indistinct intoxication of repetition and uniqueness. – Cinema as an organic memory machine: the state into which we immerse ourselves in a dark room as we look at the lights flickering across the screen is – at its best – absorbing, intoxicating and captivating, and gives us an experience that opens our eyes and hearts and sends us on a journey. A journey far away and at the same time into our very selves – and our memories", motivates the Jury its decision. 

"Using the simplest of means – namely a pencil, paper and eraser – but with a striking poetic flair, a congenial fusion of form and content and a personal signature, "we are memories" has impressed and moved us in a lasting way. – We warmly congratulate Marion Nyfenegger on her accomplished animation and are pleased to announce her as the first winner of the film festival competition 'My First Buzz'.“


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