Basel, June 20, 2021 

This is not a burial it's a resurrection 

The international jury gives a special mention to Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese and his film This is not a burial, it's a resurrection. In der Jury sassen die österreichische Regisseurin und Produzentin Barbara Albert, die schwedische Kamerafrau Lisabi Fridell und der britische Kritiker Neil Young. The jury included Austrian director and producer Barbara Albert, Swedish cinematographer Lisabi Fridell and British critic Neil Young. 

"A woman, the sky, the soil, a village. Fire and air and water. Built around an unusual, magnificent and magnetic character, this film of overwhelming visual strength and bold stylistic confidence peels back layers of history and ancestry to dramatise the painful transition from past to future via a pungently evoked present", motivates the jury its decision.


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