Basel, May 15, 2022

New productions from Germany, France and Switzerland

Intense feelings, daring experiments and uncomfortable perspectives presented in a manner that is both refreshing and to the point. Bildrausch shows short films from Germany, France and Switzerland. 


The program was curated by the Schweizer Jugendfilmtage, the International Festival Entrevues Belfort and Katrin Küchler from MDR.


Antelopes by Maxime Martinot

Concrete Flore by Elvis Germano


Patchwork by Raphael Probst, Switzerland, 2021 

Vesta has been suffering for months. She has been subjected to the remarks and violence of her boyfriend Alex. Today, Vesta is at the end of her rope. Today, Vesta acts.


Concrete Flore by Elvis Germano, Switzerland, 2021 

Jacques Roth takes us across the borders in his solitude.


Walls by Lucy Betulius, Switzerland, 2021 

What separates me from myself, what holds me together? I am thousands and one. Sometimes here, sometimes there. But who am I fooling and to whom am I honest? And who am I after all movements and gestures?


Hülle by Andrea Crisci, Switzerland, 2021 

Everyone creates a shell for themselves, this shell represents the fear, the fear of failing at something. This shell is filled with false ideas about ego and everything surrounding it. The process of going through hell to accomplish the goal of self-fulfillment and freedom is what drives this story.


Antelopes by Maxime Martinot, France, 2020

One day, one hundred and fifty years ago, thousands of antelopes threw themselves into
the sea together.


Sang by Pascal le Gal, France, 2020

Confronting this shell will lead you to your individual ideas about freedom.


The Last Name of John Cage by Margaux Guillemard, France, 2020

How much can one imagine, feel, and how many times can one gain trust and lose trust, within only 4 minutes and 33 seconds? In the stillness and quietness of the first lockdown, while bodies are being trapped, new kinds of sounds and thoughts are finally being heard - are finally being said. In "The Last Name of John Cage", the director tends to represent a certain kind of silence and plays with the spectators’ ability to fill in the blanks, and create their own images and stories. Silence becomes then a possibility to listen to – and look at - our own sounds.



Salinas by Michael Fetter Nathansky, Germany, 2021 

Salidas (span., departures) is a fictional dance film which tells the story of Giralda, an undertaker who accompanies deceased human beings into their afterlife. Interpreted with the means of Spanish flamenco dance and music and set at an old East German ship canal lift, the film creates an associative fusion between Northern and Southern Europe, movement and silence, and farewells and eternity.


Inflorescence by Nicolaas Schmidt, Germany, 2020

Autumn again on planet earth. A couple of rosy rose petals in eternal solidarity enduring great trouble of a heavy thunderstorm. A Romantic Conceptualism Bedtime fable of resistance and redundance, or the awkward ambivalence of truth, dream, life and love. Let‘s unite to inflorescence.

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