Basel, June 26, 2022

The Plains wins the Peter Liechti Award 2022

«This was an experience. A physical experience because of the unexpected freedom that I, as a viewer, felt in a film that upends conventional narrative expectations. It’s a film that requires the openness of the mind and the heart. 


It’s a film that transports ideas, gives suggestions- and because of its rhythm, operating with slow and small reveals, it slowly engages you into an almost transcending frequency where even the most ordinary little movements, words, and looks start to have multiple layers and meaning.», Norika Sefa said at the Award Ceremony in Stadtkino Basel. 


«This year the Peter Liechti Award – an award that aims to promote a daring, bold and independent cinematic attitude – goes to The Plains by David Easteal, a film that encourages a different relationship between the screen and the spectator and finds an interesting, subtle but strong way to combine the personal and the political. 


It’s actually a film that challenges its own genre: it’s a road movie, but that doesn’t rush to arrive anywhere in particular. Instead, it asks everyone to stop and breathe, recall and remember. » 


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