Basel, January 6, 2021

Next stop: Sundance

Bildrausch friend Vadim Jendreyko is presenting his latest work at Robert Redford's legendary film festival.

Ten world premieres are presented in the renowned international documentary competition programme at Sundance, which takes place digitally between 28 January and 3 February 2021. One of the films in the section is Taming the Garden directed by Georgian-German filmmaker Salomé Jashi, and co-produced by Bildrausch friend Vadim Jendreyko and his production company Mira Film.  


According to Salomé Jashi, her works try to seek out the subversive elements of life. Her film is also presented as a "poetic ode to the rivalry between men and nature" – we are excited! Taming the Garden tracks the surreal uprooting of ancient tress along the Georgian coast in order to replant them in the private park of a powerful man.

Basel-based producer, author and director Vadim Jendreyko (The Woman with the 5 Elephants) got enthusiastic about the Bildrausch idea early on, and among other things eventually got involved as a board member of the international Filmfets.  


We congratulate Vadim on his Sundance selection and keep our fingers crossed!  


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