Basel, May 16, 2022

Around the World in 10 Movies 

Basel’s international film festival, Bildrausch, brings the world to the screens. Over five days, a total of 30 short, medium-length and long films will be shown at Stadtkino Basel, kult.kino atelier, Kaserne Basel and Gare Du Nord. The international program will present ten long films from all continents, six of them as Swiss premieres.

The international program brings the world to the screens. The selection confronts numerous realities – namely the consequences of war. And while the films are very different in content and form, they all share one attitude: they interfere with contemporary events through radical tenderness. The films are an ode to humanity and open up a space for beauty and dialogue. The program is meant to inspire hope. 


A Night of Knowing Nothing by Payal Kapadia (India 2021)

Letters exchanged between two ill-fated young lovers reveal the ugly face of the ethno-nationalist Hindu regime. In this virtuoso debut feature, the passion for moving images and art goes hand in hand with the fight for political freedom in Narendra Modi’s India. 

Beatrix by Milena Czernovsky Lilith Kraxner (Austria 2021) 
Swiss premiere 
Summer, sun. Beatrix is looking after a house. The young women eats, bathes, and lies in the garden, indulging in solitude and everyday idleness. The camera zooms in closer and clos- er until her lascivious ennui literally becomes tangible. The boundaries between the outside and inside world begin to blur.
El Gran Movimiento by Kiro Russo (Bolivia, France, Qatar, Switzerland 2021) 
Is it the altitude? After a long journey, the miner Elder arrives in La Paz and develops a strange medical condition. He meets a shaman, encounters a white wolf and the legend of the black panther. Salvation lies hidden in the hypnotic thicket of reality and fiction.
La Edad Media by Alejo Moguillansky, Luciana Acuña (Argentina 2022)
Swiss premiere 

The father, an artist, shoots a film via the Internet, while the mother, a dancer, teaches via Zoom. Meanwhile, daughter Cleo is determined to fulfill her dream – by selling things online. An ambiguous slapstick comedy about a family coming to terms with the pandemic.


Magnetic Fields by Yorgos Goussis (Greece 2021)
Swiss premiere 

Elena takes the ferry to Kefalonia, just like Antonis. The wintry, yet undiscovered island turns into a landscape of the soul, while the improvised road movie becomes a free journey, as close to life as it is to death. Here, a woman and a man truly meet for the first time.

Mutzenbacher by Ruth Beckermann (Austria 2022)

“Wanted: men between 16 and 99.” On a pink (casting) couch, Ruth Beckermann (winner of the 2016 Bildrausch Ring of Film Art) confronts men with what is probably the best-known pornographic text of fin-de-siècle Vienna. A sensual contribution to desire in morally charged times.


Neptune Frost by Saul Williams, Anisia Uzeyman (Ruanda, USA 2021)

Rarely has the term Gesamtkunstwerk been more fitting than for this futuristic punk musical from the Burundian mountains, where a hacker collective is up to extremely sensual and highly political mischief – against capitalism with cosmic poetry and a fluorescent lust for life!


Rewind and Replay by Alain Gomis (France, Germany 2022)
Swiss premiere Paris, 1969. Shortly before the end of his European tour, Thelonious Monk appeared on the French television program Jazz Portrait – just him, a grand piano and two cameras. Cut and counter-cut: Using rare original footage, Alain Gomis exposes the mechanisms of the media stereotype factory.


Small, Slow but Steady by Shô Miyake (Japan 2022)
Swiss premiere Nowhere does professional boxer Keiko feel more at ease than in the ring; the sports club is her home. But one day the young, hearing-impaired outsider is pushed close to her limit. A precise and touching character study that is captivating in its emotional warmth, humanity and fighting spirit.


The Plains by David Easteal (Australia 2022)
Swiss premiere 
Once again, Andrew drives home through rush-hour traffic. While Melbourne’s suburbs pass by, he talks to his wife on the phone, chats with his passenger, or is lost in thought. We sit in the back seat, taking a break and joining him in his musings.


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