Basel, May 4, 2022

Thematic focus and Atelier 

The thematic focus Wound/Wonder deals with unimagined powers of resistance and presents four films. A workshop with the filmmakers delves into their creative process. 


Gentle, Geographies of Solitude, Hot in Day, Cold at Night and Republic of Silence couldn’t be more different. Yet they share a deep longing for integrity and devotion to life. Wonders happen, even on the edge of the abyss. 

Hot in Day, Cold at Night, by Park Song-yeol (South Korea 2022)
Young-tae and Jeong-hee are well educated but still can’t find a steady job. When trading stamps and credit cards can no longer bridge the financial abyss and the couple’s integrity erodes, the bone-dry question arises of what comes first: food or morality?


Gentle by Anna Eszter Nemes, László Csuja (Hungary, Germany 2021)
Calorie-counting, doping and a relationship of convenience – for Edina, no sacrifice is too great to win the most prestigious title in bodybuilding. But beneath the shiny, athletic surface of her armored body, a need for tenderness is stirring. Unconventional, naturalistic and powerful.


Geographies of Solitude by Jacquelyn Mills (Canada 2022)
In the middle of the Atlantic lies a paradise where wild horses gallop over sandy dunes. For over 40 years, Zoe Lucas has lived and worked on Sable Island in complete harmony with nature, interrupted only by the plastic waste that washes ashore. A grainy portrait of a distant place of longing.


Republic of Silence by Diana El Jeiroudi (Syria, Germany, Qatar, France 2021)
Diana El Jeiroudi got her first camera at the age of seven. Since then, she has been constantly filming. In Damascus, she captured how the city of her childhood descended into war; in exile in Berlin, she finds peace. Her perspective is both personal and political – silent, but never mute. Can cinema save lives?


Atelier-Workshop Wound/Wonder 

Stadtkino Basel, Saturday, 25.6. 10:00–13:00
Part of our thematic focus Wound/ Wonder is a studio where Jean Perret will explore working methods and unifying elements with the filmmakers Anna E. Nemes (Gentle), Jacquelyn Mills (Geographies of Solitude), Park Song-yeol (Hot in Day, Cold at Night) and Diana El Jeiroudi (Republic of Silence).

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