Basel, April 27, 2021

The Swiss Premiere of Fabian - Going to the Dogs 

Dominik Graf, his actors Tom Schilling and Albrecht Schuch as well as producer Felix von Boehm will attend the Swiss premiere. Bildrausch is showing Fabian - Going to the Dogs out of competition. The film will be released on 1 July in Swiss cinemas.

Fabian – Going to the Dogs is based on Erich Kästner's novel, which was republished under the new title 'Going to the Dogs' in 2013 (previously: Fabian. The Story of a Moralist, 1931) and was adapted for the screen by the director Dominik Graf and author Constantin Lieb. The main roles are played by Tom Schilling (as Jakob Fabian), Albrecht Schuch (as Labude) and Saskia Rosendahl (as Cornelia).  


Jakob Fabian lives in Berlin during the early 1930s. During the day he works as an advertising copywriter for a cigarette factory, at night he roams through the city's bars, brothels and artists' studios with his best friend Labude. In contrast to his wealthy friend, Fabian remains a somewhat distanced observer. Even the prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty, which Labude tries to counter with political activism, do not make an impression on Fabian, and he comments on the events with irony.

In Graf's adaptation, multiple exposures, archive footage, silent film, digital and Super-8 material all unashamedly meet, melt together and repel each other. Tom Schilling, who wanders through the raunchy nocturnal Berlin of the Weimar years, seems like a person who comes from a place between yesterday, today and tomorrow – always curious, but also sceptical about whether this world has the "talent for decency".


And Dominik Graf not only lets his characters speak with Kästner, but he lets them come fully to life in a film that is as stormy, passionate and unpredictable as the time in which it is set.  


Swiss premiere

Saturday June 19, 7:30 pm, kult.kino 


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