Basel, May 12, 2022

Kapr Code at Gare du Nord 

For the first time Bildrausch is hosting a screening at Gare to Nord. On Sunday, June 26, we will show the documentary Kapr Code by Lucie Králová. The cinephonic opera marks the end of the festival. 

How does a political artist live in an authoritarian regime? Jan Kapr (1914–1988), a highly decorated, progressive composer, was in the good graces of the powerful until his work fell out of favor. Kapr Code orchestrates the turbulent biography of the prominent Czech communist as a cinematic opera.


Director Lucie Králová and Cutter Adam Brothánek in person 
Screening followed by a Q&A 


Documentary, 91 min., Czech Republic/Slovakia, 2022

Advance booking starting 1.6. on


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