A selected film program is at the heart of the festival. We honor these works and award filmmakers for their courage to tread their own paths.


The Peter Liechti Award is presented by a jury, another prize is determined by a lucky draw. In this way, the Bildrausch festival wants to break the habit of awarding prizes. Because who wins and who loses is often a matter of taste – and ultimately of chance. Objective criteria are few and far between. We want to question this power of chance with a humorous wink.


It is not the competition that should be the focus, but the discussion that the films elicit. For this reason, Bildrausch honors each of the exceptional films in the program with its own laudation. We use this as an opportunity for discussion by inviting international and local guests to discuss one film each in pairs and in front of an audience. Their thoughts flow into written praise, which they then hand over to the filmmakers.

The Peter Liechti Award

The Peter Liechti Award in 2022.

The Peter Liechti Award commemorates the Swiss filmmaker and author Peter Liechti (1951–2014). It honors a work that stands out for its special narrative or visual courage – a film that, as Liechti put it “goes all out.” He followed his conviction, and said, “I want people to go out on a limb with the film, far out where things actually get really uncomfortable.” Peter Liechti was a jury member of the international competition of the first Bildrausch – Filmfest Basel in 2011.

The winner is chosen by the winner of the previous year and a co-juror. Each year, it goes to a filmmaker from the international program. The respective winner keeps the trophy for one year and in the following year is invited to pass it on to a filmmaker that they choose from the international program.

The Peter Liechti Award, endowed with CHF 5,000, is sponsored by the Basel-based company Tweaklab and by Reck Filmproduktion Zurich.

The lucky ticket

Photo: Piotr Zumala 

Critical appraisal sets highlights. It supports filmmakers. But there is no jury involved in this award. The Bildrausch Lucky Ticket determines the winner of CHF 5,000. Since all films in our program deserve to be winners, chance decides. It’s a slightly different approach. And also an experiment and an invitation to question one’s own habits.

short film award

Photo: Piotr Zumala

A jury of three will select a winner from the short film program. A cash prize of CHF 1,000 goes to one filmmaker. 


Honorary Award

for Visionary Cinema

The first recipient was American filmmaker and author Paul Schrader, who accepted the Award in person in 2018.

The Honorary Award for Visionary Cinema is awarded at irregular intervals to personalities of international cinema who have made an outstanding contribution to auteur film and the art of film. The first recipient was American filmmaker and author Paul Schrader, who accepted the gold ring in person in 2018. In 2021, the German director and writer Dominik Graf received the award.

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The Ring
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