Thinking/Space with Gianfranco Rosi

The Thinking/Space, where Jean Perret lets his curiosity and appreciation guide him as he looks into the “tool box” of filmmakers, is this year dedicated to the Italian documentary filmmaker Gianfranco Rosi.


Gianfranco Rosi is a traveller, who journeys to the most remote, dangerous and intimate corners of our world and our existence. Armed with nothing but his camera, the lone wolf Rosi patiently surrenders to reality until the in- visible becomes visible. Based on  film scenes Jean Perret and Gianfranco Rosi explore a work that is remarkably rooted deep in our present: from the debut film Boatman till is acclaimed Sacro Gra and Fuocoammare. In cooperation with FOCAL. After the talk, Aesop invites you to a reception.