Against the Wind

Panel Disussion about the Works of Reni Mertens and Walter Marti

Walter Marti and Reni Mertens were the pioneers of New Swiss Cinema. They combined political attitudes with avant-garde formal explorations. Every film, every topic demanded a different approach – and yet all of their works were equally radical, clear-sighted, poetic and deeply humanistic. 20 years after their deaths, we set out to look for Reni Mertens and Walter Marti, authors and producers as well as mentors of an entire generation of young Swiss filmmakers. In a conversation with the filmmaker and estate manager of Mertens and Marti, Erich Langjahr, the journalist and former head of the cinema section of the Federal Office of Culture, Alex Bänninger, the Austrian filmmaker Michael Pilz, and Marina Mertens, Christian Jungen (biographer of Moritz de Hadeln) will ask questions about the importance of their opus at the time, and its message today.