Zur Sache, Schätzchen!

Dialogue with Filmmakers of the New Munich Group

This is what the big talk with our guests of the section «Springtime in Munich – the New Munich Group 1966–1969» will be all about: Who shot with whom, when and what once spring arrived in Munich and the outdated structures of their fathers’ generation gradually started to fall apart. At this time when, instead of debating new funding policies (which is what the Oberhausen people did), one rather sat in an ice cream parlor, developed a script and quickly shot a film at the places one knew, with the girls one liked, and with the music one loved.


Rudolf Thome, Roger Fritz, Martin Müller and Klaus Lemke talk to Rainer Knepperges (filmmaker and author) about the cultural atmosphere in “Italy’s northernmost city” and about the explosive development of creative potential which, for a short time, would turn Munich into the capital of German film.