Springtime in Munich – The Munich Group 1966–1969

Zur Sache, Schätzchen

Go for It, Baby!

May Spils

Germany 1968. 78 Min.
35mm. D

One can also start a career the following way: «We shot on leftover material of big film productions and at night went to the film laboratory with a bottle of liquor. The guy in charge, who was a friend of ours, would develop the rushes for us for free. That’s how we learned the craft of filmmaking» (producer Peter Schamoni).


What resulted from that was not only the commercially most successful film of the year, but also a blueprint for the cheerfulness of the Schwabing lifestyle between ice cream parlor and the «Türkendolch» (a legendary students’ cinema in Munich), where you’d learn to adopt the body language seen in American gangster movies for your own everyday life.


The film focuses on a «classy tramp» (Werner Enke) who tries to chat up the square suburban daughter of a respectable family (Uschi Glas) and to teach her the meaning of the expression «to make out». If one wants to describe the film, one sooner or later concentrates on Enke’s mumbled one-liners that defined a whole generation of dawdlers in Schwabing («Pseudophilosophy is such a serious matter, one has to be extremely careful that nothing comes out of it at the end»). And on Enke’s flicker book performance. Either way, it all comes to a bad end! (bb)


Suporting fim: Manöver

Director / Script: May Spill

BRD 1967. 10 Min.

sw. 35mm. D


DirectorMay Spils
ScreenplayMay Spils, Werner Enke, Rüdiger Leberecht
CinematographyKlaus König
EditingUlrike Froehner, Heidi Genée, May Spils
MusicChristian Schultze
WithWerner Enke, Uschi Glas, Henry van Lyck, Rainer Basedow
SoundClemens Brendel, Horst Weiser