Anna Odell

Sweden, Denmark 2018. 112 Min.
color. DCP. S/Dän/e

The starting point: an artist and an actor confine themselves in a film studio. Their task: they want to explore their actual (above all gender) identity, by confronting the projections and expectations that are attached to them through their public personae. Their means: total sincerity and ruthless relinquishing of the self, made possible by the use of three alter egos, who embody distinctive traits and different genders, and who are played by other actors. The result: two people, embodied by eight actors, sit down for breakfast and things soon get predictably dynamic in the film studio.


The Swedish artist Anna Odell, who was born in 1973 and whose provocative work spares her own person least of all, has assembled a top-class group of Scandinavian actors and actresses, in order to break the many traits of role models through repeatedly oscillating mirroring. Driven by anxiety, image neurosis and a will to create art, the alpha male and alpha female negotiate the progress of events, and the seductress who wants to conceive forces the ever-ready sex symbol to his knees – but in the end it is the lack of social courage that brings both the giant egos down. Wonderful stuff! (as)


DirectorAnna Odell
ScreenplayAnna Odell
CinematographyDaniel Takács
EditingKristin Grundström, Hanna Lejonqvist
MusicGustaf Berger, Markus Hasselblom
WithAnna Odell, Mikael Persbrandt, Vera Vitali, Trine Dyrholm
ProducersMattias Nohrborg, Frida Bargo