India 2015. 118 Min.
Color. DCP. Tamil/e

The director is present

Four Tamil migrant workers get arrested by the police in the neighboring state of Āndhra Pradēś. They are accused of a crime they have not committed. As they can hardly speak Telugu, the authorities can do what they want with them – and they do exactly that. Nearly one third of the criminal cases in India comes to this end: a false confession is soon followed by a conviction. The case is solved, the file is shelved, the target is met and the statistics are in order. That never happens in this film, because something far worse happens: Once again they are in the wrong place at the wrong time and get wind of a cabal in which the authorities are heavily entangled.


Vetrimarran, master student of the great Bālū Mahēndra, is the shooting star of Tamil cinema. His films are robust (Pollātavaṉ, 2007; Āṭukaḷam, 2011), firmly anchored in the everyday life of his state, its culture and its politics. Often, the tone of his films is brutally realistic and with aggressively melodramatic peaks. A similarly brilliant political thriller like Vicāraṇai, following the tradition of Damiani or Boisset, has not been made in our part of the world in the last few decades. (om)


CinematographyS. Ramalingarn
EditingKishore Te.
MusicG.V. Prakash Kumar
WithDinesh Ravi, Aadukalam Murugadoss, Silambarasan Rathnasamy
ProducersDhanush, Vetrimaaran