Sally Potter

UK 2017. 71 Min.
b/w. DCP. E/d

The aim is to celebrate. The bubbles are ready, and the guests – a small group of close friends – get together: three cheers to Janet, who has been appointed Minister of Health of the opposition party's shadow cabinet! But then Janet's husband drops a bombshell and the mood turns sour. But it wasn't the best atmosphere to begin with: tension was in the air, undertones could be sensed and the glances were revealing. Jealousy? Mistrust? Discord? Definitely! And much more! What starts as a light comedy in an instant turns into a biting tragicomedy; but the changes between major and minor, between satire, irony, sarcasm and cynicism remain unpredictable and therefore always come as a surprise.


With The Party, the renowned British filmmaker Potter stages her own screenplay as a masterful chamber piece in black and white, which lives off its proverbial, sharp-tongued dialogues and the stellar cast members – including a cocain-unleashed Cilian Murphy and a terrifyingly impeccable Patricia Clarkson – who use dialogue to fight their battles: the everyday one between man and woman and the political one between pragmatism and idealism. An evil pleasure. (as)


DirectorSally Potter
ScreenplaySally Potter
CinematographyAlexey Rodionov
MusicJunicri Matsumoto

WithPatricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones, Kristin Scott Thomas
ProducersChristopher Sheppard, Kurban Kassam