The Oracle

Peter Mettler

Switzerland 2019. 30 Min.

“A long time ago, when I was still a teenager, I sneaked into the Oracle of Delphi at night with two friends, to sleep in the open air on the ancient stones. The next morning, my friends found out that they had dreamt the same images: an excessive bacchanalian procession of our ancestors. I, on the other hand, could not remember anything... Maybe this is why I, for decades, have been searching for the signs and the essence of our future in the intoxication of images and sounds – the ones I create myself and the ones that surround us and affect us.” In his documentary works, the Canadian-Swiss filmmaker Peter Mettler combines intuition with drama and experimentation to create a unique, sensual essay form. For Bildrausch, he channels his search for true and profound images to the ceiling projection of the Stadtkino Basel, where over the coming year they will invite you to enjoy a sensory and pictorial ecstasy. Peter Mettler’s stunning and enchanting stream of perception can be experienced at a unique midnight screening on the silver screen, together with the sound and music that have accompanied the live mix of the images.


DirectorPeter Mettler
CinematographyRemix diverser Quellen
MusicRemix diverser Quellen