Tony Conrad

The Flicker meets Owl Movie

Tony Conrad, Lary7

USA 1966, 2017. 65 Min.
b/w, color. 16mm. Without Dialogue

A psychedelic trip for night owls: in the 1960s, Tony Conrad made an important contribution to the American avant-garde with The Flicker (1965). Conrad was drawn into filmmaking by Jack Smith, after being responsible for the sound in his films Scotch Tape (1961) and Flaming Creatures (1963). In his own first film, The Flicker, the rhythmic pulsation of black and transparent squares trigger stroboscopic flashes of light, which have an effect on the spectator's retina, gradually evoking (imagined) colours and shapes. Conrad wanted to create ecstatic experiences and was hoping for mind-expanding effects.


The New York multimedia artist Lary 7, for whom Conrad is an important source of inspiration, also focuses on perceptual processes and trance states. In his latest work, Owl Movie (2017), he starts with the still life of a stuffed owl, which he projected with two 16mm projectors running at different speeds and recorded again. Thanks to the superimposition of the two images, the activation of the owl with pulsating light and colour, the film begins to take on a life of its own. We guarantee a dream-like experience!


The Flicker

USA 1966 30 min.

b/w. 16mm.

Director: Tony Conrad


Owl Movie

USA 2017 35 min.

color. 16mm.

Director/screenplay/camera: Lary7

Music: Lary7


DirectorTony Conrad, Lary7