International Competition – Cutting Edge

Sieger:innenfilm Bildrausch-Ring der Filmkunst 2021

Winning Film – Bildrausch Ring of Film Art


Awards Ceremony

Su 20.6.2021


kult.kino atelier 4

On Sunday, 20 June, the international jury will award the Bildrausch Ring of Film Art of the 10th Bildrausch – Filmfest Basel. The winning feature is screened at 21:30 at kult.kino.


The Peter Liechti Award commemorates the Swiss filmmaker and author Peter Liechti (1951-2014). It honours a film that stands out because of its special narrative or visual courage; a film that – as Liechti put it – " goes all out". The Peter Liechti Award also comes in the form of a ring that adorns the hand of the winner. A golden circle is embedded in the ring – the shape of a director's viewfinder. It stands for the idiosyncratic approach as well as the unique view of art and the world that are awarded with this ring. The Peter Liechti Award, which comes with a cash prize of CHF 2000, is donated by the Baselbased company Tweaklab and Reck Filmproduktion Zürich and is designed by the goldsmith Daniela Frei in St. Gallen.