Springtime in Munich – The Munich Group 1966–1969

Meistens cool, manchmal gefährlich: Marran Gosov und Martin Müller

Martin Müller, Marran Gosov

BRD 1966. 96 Min.
bw. 35mm. D

Guests: Martin Müller, Klaus Lemke

In the beginning of the 1960s, Tzetan Marrangosoff – an offspring of the Nomenklatura movement – left his Bulgarian homeland in order to do something else. And this something was: cinema. Gosov (how he called himself in Germany) had a rare sense for the anecdotal, the episodic, always missing cinematic corny puns only by a hair’s breadth. He knew how to develop scenes on the basis of his performers’ idiosyncrasies. Take for example Dieter Augustin, who played the jester in several of his films. He is a clever bohemian who is always trying to make some money in the most ludicrous ways. For example in «Pfeiffer» (1965), when he starts to publish a political newspaper for which everybody can write – that is, if they pay him for it. Locations were Gosov’s second source of energy. This becomes spectacularly apparent in «Power Slide» (1966), a considerable part of which takes place at a café with a Carrera track. Boys let their racing cars do their laps, which seems to be easier than spending time with women. Women are a big problem in general: In «Sabine 18» (1967), all the men constantly run away from the girl wishing to be deflowered. One of them is Martin Müller, the youngest of the Munich Group, who received the proceeds of Klaus Lemke’s sale of a Marilyn by Warhol in order to shoot his first feature film. «Anatahan Anatahan» (1969) is departure and termination at the same time: Everybody’s casual, cool, and dangerous once again! (om, bb)

Power Slide

Director / Script: Marran Gosov

BRD 1966
13 Min. s/w. 35mm. D


Director / Script: Marran Gosov

BRD 1967
21 Min. sw. 35mm. D

Sabine 18

Director / Script: Marran Gosov

BRD 1967
12 Min. s/w. 35mm. D

Anatahan, Anatahan

Director / Script: Martin Müller

BRD 1969
50 Min. s/w. 35mm. D


DirectorMartin Müller, Marran Gosov