Makino Takashis elektrische Magie

Makino Takashi

2002−2018. 89 Min.

The three works of this tribute to the Japanese artist and experimental film magician Makino Takashi (born 1978) will be certain to electrify Bildrausch. In his films objects, natural phenomena, people and cities merge into truly entrancing cinematic excesses, as numerous layers and multiple exposures of concrete images mutate into abstract paintings, which sometimes make the canvas disappear and cast a spell on the viewer. During many years of collaboration with musicians such as Jim O’Rourke or Inconsolable Ghost, Makino has been creating works of art that reveal to us not only a visual but also an auditory blurring of abstract and concrete images. Makino is fascinated by the collision of what appears on the screen with the emotional landscape of each spectator, and the entirely new image that is created in one’s head. This was already true for his first film, Eve (2002), about which he said: “I show light and life, which comes from darkness, in a fusion of animation and visual layering.” His multiple award-winning masterpiece On Generation and Corruption (2017) on the other hand is driven by light and darkness and derives its rhythm from the cyclical repetition that forms the basis of life and civilisation. His most recent work Memento Stella (2018), which he will – exclusively – accompany with live music at Bildrausch, once again dazzles us with countless images and surfaces, some abstract, some figurative, which reverberate for a long time, “lest we forget that we, too, live among the stars.” (bb)


DirectorMakino Takashi
ScreenplayMakino Takashi