International Competition – Cutting Edge

Le fils de Joseph

The Son of Joseph

Eugène Green

France, Belgium 2015. 115 Min.
Color. DCP. Fr/e

Vincent finally wants to know! For 15 years he has tormented his single mother Marie with the same question: Who is his father? But as his father suddenly stands before him, the result is far from satisfactory. The successful Parisian publisher – arrogant as well as salacious – wants nothing to do with him. Vincent spontaneously decides to take revenge on him for his failures as a father. Coincidentally, Vincent also runs into his father’s brother Joseph – an encounter which will turn both their lives upside down.


In his new film and in his usual anachronistic as well as innovative style, author and director Eugène Green ([La Sapienza], 2014) elegantly arranges biblical and art historical motifs, Italian baroque music and poetry in a fashionable, perfectly executed composition of language and image. This is unequaled in contemporary cinema. His characters circulate around themselves and around questions of origin and reconciliation. As with every work by the French director born in New York in 1947, this is filmed in strictly formally organized dialogues and shots in which cultural critique and religion reconcile with the comical and the absurd. (pj)


DirectorEugène Green
ScreenplayEugène Green
CinematographyRaphaël O'Byrne
EditingValérie Loiseleux
MusicAdam Michna Z Otradovic
WithMathieu Amalric, Natacha Régnier, Victor Ezenfis
SoundBenoit De Clerck
ProducersDidier Jacob, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, Fabrizio Rongione