Springtime in Munich – The Munich Group 1966–1969

Jet Generation

How Girls Love Men of Today

Eckhart Schmidt

Germany 1968. 98 Min.
35mm. D

Guests: Roger Fritz, Rudolf Thome

Back then, the film poster read: «How girls love men these days». You have to imagine this: «An airplane lands in Munich-Riem and a girl – blond, pale and very stylish – disembarks like an angel of the Swinging Sixties. Then you hear a song that spreads the flair of the international beat generation.» Carroll (Dginn Moeller) from New York is looking for her brother who has gone missing a few months back. Schmidt shows us Munich as a city full of contrasts: trendy hangouts, venerable taverns, the Munich Beer Festival and the construction of the first subway line.


«A new generation in search of something new – this all seems very inconspicuous in Schmidt’s film. The search for her brother leads Carroll to the charismatic fashion photographer Raoul (Roger Fritz), whom men desire just as much as women. Also Carroll cannot resist the allure of this dandy who jets back and forth between Rome, London and Munich. This is the beginning of an unpredictable love story between her and this troublemaker. Opposites pervade one another: Attraction and rejection, love and hate, new beginnings and melancholy, an overwhelming energy and a trance resembling lethargy. Love in the age of 1968 Munich.» (hs)


Suporting film: Frühstück In Rom

Director / Script: Max Zihlmann

BRD 1966. 17 Min.

sw. 35mm. D


DirectorEckhart Schmidt
ScreenplayEckhart Schmidt, Roger Fritz
CinematographyGernot Roll
EditingHeide Genée
MusicDavid Llewellyn
WithDginn Moeller, Roger Fritz, Jürgen Draeger, Isi ter Jung
ProducerRoger Fritz