International Competition – Cutting Edge

Jenayat-e bi deghat

Careless Crime

Shahram Mokri

Iran 2020. 134 Min.
Color. DCP. Farsi/g

Belongs to
The Deer

Time is relative in the films of Shahram Mokri. As is linearity. This is good to know before you immerse yourself in Careless Crime, as the Iranian filmmaker here once again proves himself to be a master of narrative Chinese boxes.


The starting point is a real disaster in the run-up to the revolution: on 19 August 1978, hundreds of people died in the flames of an arson attack on the Cinema Rex in Abadan. Mokri reconstructs, or rather reimagines, the crime in a daring cinematic collage of past and present, which pulls out all the registers of the art form in order to open up both original aesthetic as well as new historical perspectives. Fleeting but finely observed snapshots from the lives of young contemporary students are merged across several levels of time and narrative strands with the events of 1978. Victims and perpetrators meet face-to-face in the cinema. A film within the film persistently refers back to the controversial work that was shown on the evening of the attack: The Deer by Masoud Kimiai.


In even more complex and enduring ways than in his one-show genre experiments Fish & Cat (2013) and Invasion (2017), Mokri consistently undermines any notion of narrative coherence and thereby expands our perspective in an astonishing and dramatic way. (pj)


DirectorShahram Mokri
ScreenplayNasim Ahmadpour, Shahram Mokri
CinematographyAlireza Barazandeh
EditingShahram Mokri
MusicEhsan Sedigh
WithBabak Karimi, Razieh Mansouri, Abolfazl Kahani
ProducerNegar Eskandarfar
Distributiontrigon-film, Ennetbaden,

Shahram Mokri