The Deer

Masud Kimiai

Iran 1974. 126 Min.
bw. 35mm. Fa/e

Belongs to
Careless Crime

It is a painful reunion: with a gunshot wound and a bag full of stolen money, Ghodrat flees to his old schoolmate Seyed, who is a heavy heroin-addict and hardly knows how to help himself. Even the woman he loves only stays with him out of pity. In their despair, the friends slowly find a new comfort in each other and try to save themselves – and if they can't save their lives, then at least they can save their dignity. But there is not much time left, as Ghodrat is being chased by the police. A showdown looms.


Even under normal circumstances, The Deer would have gone down in Iranian cinema history: on the one hand, Masoud Kimiai's great socially critical noir drama from the time before the Islamic revolution has a first-class cast with the two stars Behrouz Vossoughi and Faramarz Gharibian. On the other hand, the film's anti-Shah allusions meant that it was only shown in a heavily censored version with a new ending – just like on that fateful evening in August 1978, when hundreds of cinemagoers were killed in an arson attack on the Cinema Rex in Abadan. For this reason, too, Kimiai's intensive and captivating work is remembered to this day. The unconventional Iranian auteur Shahram Mokri has create a bold memorial to this event with Careless Crime. (pj)


DirectorMasud Kimiai
ScreenplayMasud Kimiai
CinematographyNemat Haghighi
EditingAbbas Ganjavi
MusicEsfandiar Monfaredzadeh
WithBehrouz Vossoughi, Faramarz Gharibian, Nosrat Partovi
ProducerPartovi · Produzent: Mehdi Missaghieh
DistributionEhsan Khoshbakht (London) on behalf of Masoud Kimiai

Masud Kimiai