Fruhaufs Kosmos

We strongly warn viewers of hallucinogenic side effects! The cinematic works by Siegfried A. Fruhauf are a radical challenge to our senses. What usually starts out as a cautious beginning soon increases into a wildly flickering firework of images and sounds, which consist of mountain panoramas and holiday snaps, analogue film grain and scratches, and even pure light.


Siegfried A. Fruhauf, who was born in 1976 in Grieskirchen in upper Austria and who grew up on his parents' farm, came into contact with his country's diverse avantgarde film scene after training as an industrial salesman, and in 2004 he graduated in experimental visual design from the University of Linz. Since then, he has made around 40 films, most of them under 10 minutes long, as well as countless installations and photographic works that have been screened around the world. In regard to his way of working, Fruhauf – who no longer feels the need to be explainable – says that he "does not want to create illusion, but rather destroy it, in the sense of showing what is possible with the material." But he "likes to emphasise the raw, the handmade and the seemingly unfinished, thereby alluding to the vulnerability of the individual film image." (Stefan Grissemann). In the programme of ten films, which the artist selected specifically for his visit to Basel, "landscape, cosmos and dissolution alternate, while abstraction and visual intensity exist alongside nature and reduction." (Fruhauf) An oeuvre of truly pictorial intoxication is presented here. (bb)