Mani Haghighi – Pop-Cinema of the Absurd

Ejhdeha Vared Mishavad!

A Dragon Arrives!

Mani Haghighi

Iran 2016. 107 Min.
Color. DCP. Fa/e

1965: A man with an inscrutable gaze. A heavy, orange-colored and quite obviously American car. The desert around them. In the middle of the desert is a gigantic shipwreck. The man is an Iranian secret agent. The country is in turmoil. His assignment is probably very different from what he thinks it is…


A Dragon Arrives! shows Haghighi on his high point to date. On a visual level, his meditation on paranoia and the dark soul of Iran is ablaze with color. It is of a dramatic force that is incomparable to everything that he has created so far. Even more than before, he now taps into his cinephile vein: A Dragon Arrives! thus becomes an ode to the genius of the Iranian genre film of the 1960s, above all to its realist-inspired crime movies that have already greatly inspired Bildrausch guest Amir Naderi. Back then as well as today, a fiercely paranoid wind blows through Iran – no matter who is in power, one always has to look over one’s shoulder. Film noir was rarely more colorfully bright than this!


DirectorMani Haghighi
ScreenplayMani Haghighi
CinematographyHouman Behmanesh
EditingHayedeh Safiyari
MusicChristophe Rezai
WithAmir Jadidi, Homayoun Ghanizadeh, Ehsan Goudarzi, Kiana Tajammol
SoundDariush Sadeghpour
ProducerMani Haghighi

Mani Haghighi