International Competition – Cutting Edge

Die Geträumten

The Dreamed Ones

Ruth Beckermann

Austria 2016. 89 Min.
Color. DCP. D/e

Not with you, but neither without you. They could have been a perfect couple, these two sensitive and important lyricists of the post-war era: Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan. But in spite of their affection, they weren’t a dream couple, because the words that they used to write their stories were always taken very seriously, and time and again got in the way. A back and forth which lasted over many decades, which was agonizing but also full of devotion, and which fought for love and solidarity but in the end only led them back to loneliness.


A complex relationship which the renowned Austrian documentary and essay filmmaker Ruth Beckermann reproduces with the musician Anja Plaschg and the actor Laurence Rupp in this new multi-award winning work. They read from the correspondence between Bachmann and Celan (1948-67). During the breaks, they sometimes reflect on what they’ve read, sometimes they just smoke a cigarette – inside of them and with them, the two poets’ souls, lost to each other, are present. Two couples – one in the past, one in the present – stand in relation to each other within the same space. A simultaneously visible and invisible film, in which the dreamers evoke the dreamed. (as)

The director is present.


DirectorRuth Beckermann
ScreenplayIna Hartwig, Ruth Beckermann
CinematographyJohannes Hammel
EditingDieter Pichler
WithAnja Plaschg, Laurence Rupp
SoundGeorg Misch
ProducerRuth Beckermann Filmproduktion

Ruth Beckermann

Ruth Beckermann is a filmmaker and author based in Vienna. Her films include The Paper Bridge, East of War and American Passages. In 2014 her film Those Who Go Those Who Stay received the big documentary film prize at the Diagonale in Graz. Two years later The Dreamed Ones was also honored there as best feature film. The Waldheim Waltz received several awards, including the Glashütte Original – Documentary Award for best documentary film at the Berlinale 2018, as well as an Oscar nomination. In 2019 Ruth Beckermann created the installation Joyful Joyce for the Salzburg Festival.