Ludwig Wüst at Neues Kino

Das Haus meines Vaters

Ludwig Wüst

Austria 2013. 63 Min.
Color. DCP. G/e

Andrej lives in Frankfurt. A phone call brings him back to his childhood home, to the house of his father. Filmed with a hand-held camera in an almost continuous shot, the visit turns into a search for clues with an uncertain goal. The past is conveyed through a dialogue with Hanni, a former school friend, whom he meets again here, but even more so through the things happening in between, the gestures and the pauses in the conversation. An exercise in immediacy, captivatingly calm. "Just like the mother ordered her son to finally come home, when he was already on his way out into the big wide world, my father wanted to make me promise the same thing. If I ever go abroad, I should come back home as soon as he wanted me to. I intuitively realised that this would be wrong, so I decided that at some point I would leave forever, which is what I did." (Ludwig Wüst) His continuous output of films is thanks to a faithful crew of technicians and brilliant actors and actresses – such as the wonderful Claudia Martini, whose brittle sensuality is always surrounded by a somnambulistic aura, or the unpredictable and venturesome Nenad Šmigoc, a true "ice-cold angel" of Southeast Europe. (bb)


DirectorLudwig Wüst
ScreenplayLudwig Wüst
CinematographyKlemens Koscher
EditingSamuel Käppeli
WithMartina Spitzer, Nenad Šmigoc
ProducerLudwig Wüst
DistributionLudwig Wüst, Wien,

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Ludwig Wüst