Rachel Lang

Belgium, France 2016. 96 Min.
Color. DCP. F/e

Even though she is in her mid-twenties now, it cannot be claimed that Ana has her life under control. After another glorious screw-up on a job as a set driver, she goes to see her grandmother in Strasbourg. But even there, nothing goes according to plan. This might be due to the fact that Ana doesn’t have a plan for how to sort things out in the first place. But Ana is confident and comfortable in her botched existence. She does not (yet) want to (be) commit(ed) to something or someone; she gives everything a try; she repeats old mistakes and acts more on instinct than on intellect.


In her debut feature as a screenwriter and director, Rachel Lang – a trained philosopher and actress born in 1984 in Strasbourg – speaks of failure not as a negative example, but as an inherent part of success. Immersed in laconic humor, this film has more to do with swimming and sinking on a metaphorical level than with the eponymous spa town of Baden-Baden. The young woman at the center of attention is an utterly contemporary figure. She becomes so involved in considering all her options that she cannot see the wood for the trees. In the end, what remains is just a completely normal life. (as) Salomé Richard will be present.


DirectorRachel Lang
ScreenplayRachel Lang
CinematographyFiona Braillon
EditingSophie Vercruysse
MusicWim Coryn
WithSalomé Richard, Lazare Gousseau, Claude Gensac, Swann Arlaud, Zabou Breitman
SoundAline Huber
ProducersJoseph Rouschop, Jérémy Forni