Ludwig Wüst at Neues Kino



Ludwig Wüst

Austria 2018. 103 Min.
Color. DCP. G/e

An Austrian road movie – and maybe closest to the photographer Robert Frank in terms of blending landscape and history into one's own biography. "A decluttered story told in equally sparse images" (Dominik Kamalzadeh). But in this case, the "sparseness" has a cathartic nature.


A man (Ludwig Wüst) and a woman (Claudia Martini) meet by chance – both are burdened with existential experiences – and decide practically without any dialogue to continue a part of their journey together. He drives a so-called "alcoholic's car", a kind of cabin scooter that does not require a driving license. She lets him make a wooden cross for her and embarks on her final journey.


Together, they chug through an autumnal no man's land, brilliantly filmed by Klemens Koscher, who "conjures up the spiritual behind the material surfaces" (Christoph Huber). Ludwig Wüst: "The Japanese proverb 'Mono no aware – mourning the passing of things' inspired me to make this film. A film that has sent us on an intense expedition, a cinematic journey to the last things, which have partially already disappeared and will no longer be possible tomorrow. What happens next?" (bb)


DirectorLudwig Wüst
ScreenplayLudwig Wüst
CinematographyWüst · Kamera:
EditingSamuel Käppeli
WithClaudia Martini, Ludwig Wüst
ProducersMaja Savic, Ludwig Wüst
DistributionLudwig Wüst, Wien,

Ludwig Wüst