A Brief Spark Bookended by Darkness

Brent Green

USA 2018. 10 Min.
Color. DCP. E/d

Screened before Cobain

Life in the age of the apocalypse: a man embraces his wife tightly as she sleeps, to hear the sound of her heart, while everything around them is falling apart. What remains is their affection for each other and the hope for a better future, to which they try to escape with emotions and music. For in a melody lies the power to move mountains – something the American life-long learner, artist, musician and filmmaker Brent Green has known for a long time. His enchanting, often heart-breaking, always self-directed and lovingly detailed stop motion animations time and again inform us about the enigmatic storyteller himself as much as about the society in which we live. Being the winner of the first award that our festival ever granted (for his feature debut Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then in 2011), the multi-conceptualist, who was born in 1978, was one of the first heroes of Bildrausch. And his latest short film is in no way inferior to his earlier works in terms of artistry, poetry and uniqueness. (pj)


DirectorBrent Green
ScreenplayBrent Green
MusicBrent Green
ProducerBrent Green