The Weeper

  • Danielle Küchler Flores
  • Switzerland
  • 2018

The Weeper is based on the Mexican legend of La Llorona, a haunting tale deeply ingrained in the cultural consciousness. La Llorona, which translates to 'The Weeping Woman,' recounts the tragic story of a woman who, driven by rage and despair after being dismissed and abandoned by her husband, drowns her children. Overwhelmed by remorse, she wanders the streets in search of her lost offspring, her mournful cries echoing near bodies of water at night. The legend serves as a cautionary tale, often to warn children to stay indoors after dark.

The Weeper offers a fresh perspective by examining the male character, challenging the traditional patriarchal narrative. While the original tale often portrays the woman's actions through a lens of male dominance, this reinterpretation explores the motivations and actions of the man from a feminist perspective, shedding new light on the dynamics of power and gender in the legend.