Palmarès 2013


der Filmkunst

Emir Baigazin

Kasachstan, Deutschland 2013



ex aequo mit

Nanouk Leopold

Niederlande, Deutschland 2013



Mit seinem ausgeprägten Sinn für die filmische Sprache und seiner Entschiedenheit und Klarheit im Stil, sowie durch die überzeugende Darstellungskraft und Präsenz der Darsteller führt uns Emir Baigazins Film Harmony Lessons im Angesicht archaischer Konflikte im Kampf ums Überleben, jenseits eindimensionalen Moralisierens, mutig in das dunkle Herz des Menschen.


Courageous, minimalistic, beyond storytelling, plot and dialogue, Nanouk Leopold takes us back forward to the essence of film art. With an amazing awareness for the emotional power of details, she successfully expresses the universal human phenomena of fear, lonelyness, death and desire for love.

Lobende Erwähnung

Lyubov Arkus

Russland, 2012


The Jury would like to give a special mention to the film Anton's right here (Anton tut ryadom) of Lyubov Arkus, Russia 2012. It is an essay-film which could be regarded as a portrait of a young man diagnosed with autism, although this diagnosis does not officially exist in Russia. It could also be called as a film in search of an author, because Anton in the film turns out to be a writer. The film is, in any case, a portrait of a society from the point of view of those that are pushed to the margins and locked up in institutions. In its considerate and attentive images, the filmmaker teaches us to observe society as a context out of balance. It teaches us to look at the symptoms of a society in its implicit brutality.


As the film demonstrates, cinema itself can step in as a device to re-establish relationships that have been neglected in favour of unobstructed business as usual. The music of Max Richter adds a special tone to the visual considerations. Lastly, this very personal film shot in Russia during the last 5 years by a radical journalist is an example of courageous criticism which we would like to support with this vote.